Diet to Go Pick Up Locations

Diet to Go has been accepted as one of the best diet food delivery service by the American consumers because it provides the best quality of diet food which tastes the best. Diet to Go has given its contribution in making the society fit by making weight loss so much easier. Although Diet to Go accepts the importance of exercise in life, it doesn’t make exercising a mandatory aspect in the lives of diet food consumers. Diet to Go meals are self sufficient in causing weight loss because they are extremely low in fat content. The “low carbohydrate” menu of Diet to Go even offers low carbohydrate ratio in addition to low fat so that the weight loss occurs at a greater speed.

Diet to Go In-House Kitchens
Diet to Go has special in house kitchens which are fully equipped with modern healthy food cooking technologies. Best chefs and nutritionists work together in collaboration to dole out the perfect recipes in scientific cooking manner which employs ingredients which are low in fat. The advanced cooking methodologies used by Diet to Go chefs ensure that minimum amount of oil is used during cooking and low fat ingredients are smartly chosen for the recipes. All the meat, vegetables and eggs used are carefully picked from the best places so that the freshness and nutrition is maintained in the meals. The in house kitchen facility from Diet to Go already ensures that fresh frozen food reaches the customers.

Diet to Go Pick Up Locations
But there are many dieters who understand the importance of diet food but still yearn for the non frozen food that tastes best because it has never been frozen. Therefore Diet to Go has brought in the very thoughtful Pick up Location by broadening its horizon in the diet food industry. After the launch of the Pickup Facility by Diet to Go, it has become the sole diet food delivery company which also provides its customers the option to have non frozen food. The pickup service facilitates the availability of freshly cooked food in local retail centers or various locations from where the consumers can collect their “Non frozen” Diet to Go meals whenever they want to. The Diet to Go meals available at the Pick Up center cannot be bought by any other person who hasn’t subscribed for the Diet to Go meal delivery system.

You have to have the Diet to Go subscription which would authorize you to collect fresh “chef prepared” meals. You will be able to collect only that meal from the Pickup center which had been decided by you during your menu selection. Diet to Go subscribers can collect meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner too. The facility will be provided to a Diet to Go subscriber for two days in a week at present which will be Friday and Tuesday. The process of collection of Diet to Go meal is extremely simple. Diet to Go has formed associations with various gyms, local health centers, shops and Walgreens to facilitate the pickup service. The Diet to Go meals will be available at these centers and retail outlets from morning till evening till the time of closure of the centers. Therefore the pickup time may vary locally.

This move by the Diet to Go has been widely appreciated by its consumer base because of the uniqueness of the service. The pickup meal services are being provided at more than 190 centers in four cities namely:

Greater Philadelphia
San Francisco
Washington DC

The city that offers the highest number of pickup locations is Washington DC as it has more than ninety Diet to Go pick up locations. If you currently reside in these cities then it is a wonderful facility that you must utilize because tasting non frozen mouthwatering food from Diet to Go is going to be a surreal experience for you. Even if you don’t reside in these cities then also you would be excited by the fact that Diet to Go in expanding its pickup locations at a very quick pace as more number of local centers are showing willingness to associate with the number one diet food delivery company. Soon many new pickup locations are going to be decided for residents of California too.

Learn how, located in Washington DC, utilizes the Diet to Go Pick Up Delivery Service and how it helps enhance the health and lifestyle of its members:

Diet to Go believes in providing its services to the masses rather than just catering to the high end consumer base. This is because Diet to Go works with an aim to inculcate healthy eating habits in all the people. By using the Diet to Go Company’s home diet food delivery services you can minimize the time that you used to spend in the kitchen doing household chores and you can utilize the saved time in much better manner. The non frozen meals which the consumers can collect on two days of the week will give them another enthusiastic reason to look forward to these two week days as they will be able to relish the freshest taste of Diet to Go meals.

Another advantage of the pickup service is that you can save some more from your food budget because these non frozen meals cost lesser than the regular meals provided by the Diet to Go. These fresh meals are priced at $5 per packet instead of regular $6.98 pricing because there would be no packaging and freezing charges. You also won’t have to worry about throwing away the huge lot of packaging material that comes with the regular meals if you directly pickup these non frozen meals from the pickup centers. If you’re worrying that these non frozen meals will not have much shelf life then Diet to Go proves you wrong here. The meals are packed using advanced technologies and these meals can be stored easily without freezing them for about one week.

Diet to Go already provides excellent consumer oriented diet food delivery services. But with the introduction of the meal pickup concept, Diet to Go has given another reason to its consumers to love its services even more. That is why the pickup service has seen overwhelming success in the areas where it has been introduced.

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