Diet-to-Go Changes & Improvements for 2017

Diet-to-Go is constantly adapting to improve the customer experience and their product. Among its 2017 improvements are updates in marketing, the online user experience, meal changes, packaging and more.

Diet-to-Go Plan Updates for 2017

New Staff

Diet-to-Go has a full-time dietitian, nutritionist and health coaches on-call for whenever customers need help. Customers can dial 1-800-743-7546 to chat with a representative about anything and everything, including their personalized diet plans, meal changes and substitutions, delivery, issues and any other hands-on support needed to help them along their weight loss journey.


Diet-to-Go is committed to making sure meals arrive fresh and tasty. Mail-order meals come packed in nitrogen and vacuum-sealed with a special cardboard sleeve. The meals can be easily stacked in the refrigerator or freezer.

Major Menu Overhaul

Diet-to-Go listens to its customers. Every Friday, the company asks real customers to weigh in with their likes and dislikes on social media so that the team can improve nutrition, ingredients, quality and taste.

  • The team constantly tries new recipes, replaces sides and sometimes even replaces meals altogether. The Balance menu has been lowered to an average of 1,500-1,600mg of sodium per day and less than 50g of sugar per day. Plus, the company follows all U.S. Dietary Guidelines to ensure all meals not only taste great, but are heart-healthy as well. Diet-to-Go’s Balance Diabetes menu also caters to people with specific medical conditions by only using 30g of sugar and less than 1,400mg of sodium per day.
  • Diet-to-Go lives up to being the most flexible diet plan on the market. They’ve added several new meals to their full-time substitution list, giving every single customer the ability to customize their plan exactly the way they want it. Customers can choose from 30-plus alternatives a week, double up on meals, whatever and whenever they want. With Diet-to-Go, you truly can eat the foods you love and craft a meal plan that works for you at NO extra cost.
  • Diet-to-Go added more than 20 brand new meals to their menu, purely based on feedback from customers. The company also removed meals that customers did not like.

Customer Experience

Diet-to-Go is committed to helping customers achieve their goals beyond just what they eat.

The company launched a Facebook community where customers can interact with fellow customers, get feedback and encourage one another. The community it also monitored by Diet-to-Go staff, who reply to concerns and offer guidance, as well as share valuable articles and blog posts with weight loss and fitness tips, wellness advice, recipes, success stories and much, much more.

The community includes a:

  • Share Board, where new customers are encouraged to share the changes they’ve noticed during their first week to get feedback and encouragement.
  • Goal Board, where customers put down their weight loss goals in writing, and then sharing their successes, setback and challenges as they go.
  • Challenge Board, where customers share one unhealthy habit they overcame each week in order to make small, baby steps towards healthy living that will lead to lasting results.
  • Celebration Board, where customers share their successes and ideas on how to celebrate without food.

Diet-to-Go is also committed to providing customers with health and weight loss tips, recipes, wellness information, exercise and fitness ideas and more on its weekly blog. The blog includes a wide range of information that help customers achieve their weight loss goals. Feedspot even selected Diet-to-Go’s blog as one of its 100 Best Diet Blogs of 2017.

Many Diet-to-Go customers use the food diary app myFitnessPal to keep track of their daily calorie consumption. Diet-to-Go has worked to ensure meals are included in the app’s database to make it easier for customers to log their meals.

Online Marketing

Diet-to-Go is committed to having an up-to-date, easy-to-navigate website. The website is bright and has everything a customer needs to understand what comes with each meal plan, their personalized weight loss progress and menu customizations, and any questions that might arise.

Diet-to-Go has a dedicated mobile website that makes it easy for customers to log in, make substitutions and manage their meal plan from their phone or other mobile device. This is a big deal, especially considering most competitors lack a mobile-dedicated website, which cuts back on convenience and the user-experience for customers.

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