With Its Transition Plan, Nutrisystem Hushes Up Critics

Despite so many years of proven excellence in its weight loss services backed up with numerous heartfelt success stories of real people, Nutrisystem was many a times panned by the critics. Basically for the single question which lingered into the minds of many Nutrisystem users too – What after Nutrisystem? How would you maintain? Not all users could afford to keep up with the Nutrisystem meals for ever.

The question was raised because the users were not knowledgeable about how to replicate the food engineering of Nutrisystem’s structured food in their own kitchen. Most of the people were ignorant about how to incorporate the correct carbohydrate, protein, fat ratio used in their Nutrisystem meals which they had got used to, in the daily life cooking where one has to deal with food portions, cheese, salad dressings, meat, eggs etc.

But in the year of 2011, Nutrisystem came up with a remarkable `after-plan’ known as the Transition Plan. It was made for users who had achieved their goal weight to shift to planning and arranging their meals on their own. The shift had to be gradual in order to avoid the `Yo-Yo diet syndrome’. This plan had strategically designed four steps which were to be used in a progressive manner over a period of few months for best effect.

‘Weekends on Your Own’ was the first step towards freedom. In this plan, the user could order the Nutrisystem meals only for weekdays. On the weekends the user was free to choose breakfast, lunch, dinner according to one’s own sensibilities gained during the weight loss program. After some time the user could shift to the second step.

The second step known as ‘Dinners on Your Own’ helped the user to skip the daily dinner too. The third step was Just Lunch and Snacks’. After learning to play with their own meals by adjusting the portion size well during these three steps, the user could now take care of all his/her meals. All one had to do was a little practice of adjusting the portion size and taking care of what percent carbohydrates went into the dish etc.

The fourth one called ‘Success a la Carte’ was a remarkable opportunity for the Nutrisystem users to order any number of dishes of choice separately without purchasing any meal plan. One could always savor the taste of one’s favorite dishes as per wish which was a nostalgic experience provided to the users.

Success a la Carte seems to be extremely popular among users nowadays which helps ex- dieters to keep connected with their best buddy i.e. Nutrisystem. These parts of the
Transition Plan are very much approved and liked by the Nutrisystem users. Together they make a successful Transition Plan with no glitches and help the user or we may call `Nutri-User’ to maintain their weight and personality for ever with the correct planning.

Even more new users are getting associated with Nutrisystem because of its complete program now. The reviewers have been truly answered by the Nutrisystem’s launch of exemplary Transition Plan which proves the Phrase correct- `Action Speaks More Than Words’.