Best Weight Diet Delivery Programs & Plans 2020

October 2020

Everyone wants to look their best this summer. We help by providing 13 of the Best Weight Diet Delivery Programs for 2020.

Nutrisystem is a very popular weight loss program that has helped millions lose weight.
- Weight loss study shows on average individuals lost 11.6 lbs. and 8 inches
- Allows you to choose your own meals with over 160+ menu options
- Offers menu plans for Diabetics and Vegetarians Today's Top Deal - 50% off + Free Shipping on all Nutrisystem Plans

Today's Top Deal - 50% off + Free Shipping on all Nutrisystem Plans


South Beach Diet is a great option for those looking for meal delivery. Their plans focuses on low-carbs and high protein meals that help to increase your metabolism.

- Weight loss study shows on average individuals lost 5.8 lbs. in your first week

- Similar to Nutrisystem, this program can be thought of as a more keto-freindly option with over 60+ menu options

- Eat 6 times per day with low-sugar foods with flexibility for DIY meals

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Turbo charge your weight loss with the Diet to Go program. This is one of our staff favorites.
- Choose from menu options from standard keto-friendly, diabetes or vegetarian. This plan caters to all

- They have their own in-house staff of chefs that cook in a USDA certified kitchen

If you live in certain parts of the country, you can simply go pick up foods at their locations instead of being shipped out. Cheapest meal service.

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Since 1980 Medifast has been a weight loss program that has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors.
-Every meal has essentially the same nutrition profile containing over 24 vitamins and minerals

- Their foods focus on losing weight while still maintaining muscle mass

- According to the International Journal of Obesity, individuals on Medifast saw a greater loss in weight and fat compared to random food based diets

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Bistro MD is a weight loss service that has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Biggest Loser, NBC, Lifetime, and more.
- The meals are physician designed and allows for individual support for those looking for help

- All entrees are designed to boost metabolism and get the correct portion of macronutrients

- Also caters to those looking for diabetes-friendly, gluten free, or menopause-friendly meals

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Diet delivery never tasted so fresh until there was Healthy Chef Creations. Their meals are organic and never frozen.
- Chef prepared meals with a different menu every week, delivered fresh

- Menus are customizable for those on a Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, or Shellfish-free diet!

- Purchase from either meal plan options or simply choose your own via alacarte

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Featured on Self, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and others, this meal service is also prepared by in-house chefs.
- Every meal comes gluten-free, plenty of protein, refined-sugars and of course, all-natural

- Their name is derived from the word Fresh as each meal contains complex carbs, quality proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense ingredients
- Their on-staff cooks are comprised of chefs, culinary scientists, and nutritionists

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Never cook again when you get your meal delivery from Plated.
- In-house chefs and recipe editors create a menu that changes every week

- Perfect option for those who are Vegetarians, carnivores, and dessert lovers

- Fully customizable for your needs, their meals accomodate meat, seafood, vegetarian, dessert, Low-Carb, and no gluten diets

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Wanna play chef? Then this meal program is just for you!
- You choose the recipes that look tasty and appetizing, they deliver all the ingredients to you with recipe cards to create your own meals

- Every week they change up the options of meat, fish, vegetarian, and Beyond meat meals

- They have even teamed up with Weight Watchers. For those interested, check out their Freestyle menu

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Hello Fresh plans are also for those who like to cook at home.
- This service provides a whopping 2,500 recipe options to choose from

- Fresh ingredients along with cooking recipes and instructions are delivered to your door

- Ingredients are sourced from farms and ranches that adhere to high animal welfare standards

Today's Top Deal - $80 off Hello Fresh Plans


Are you a Vegan? If so stop here as this weight loss service has all you need.
- All meals are plant based, nut-free, kosher, soy-free, gluten-free, and more

- This plan has become so popular that it has been featured on Men's Health, Self, Cooking Light, and more

- Plant based meals were chosen as they tend to lead to reduced risk of Alzheimer's, Cancer risk, and Diabetes

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Be your own chef at home with this program from Home Chef.
- Customize up to 26 different weekly meal options

- Every option contains steak, chicken, pork, fish and vegetarian meals

- An insulated box is delivered to your home where you can read recipe cards and create your own cuisine

Today's Top Deal - $60 off Home Chef


On-staff dieticians and chefs make Factor 75 a great meal delivery option.
- Why 75? Because 75% of how you feel, look and lead your daily life is based on what you eat

- All meals are designed to boost your mind and body by offering low glycemic carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats

- They also have options for those looking for Paleo, Keto, and Dairy free diets

Today's Top Deal - $40 off Factor 75


Purple Carrot Logo

Plant-based diet that is Good Clean Fun!.
- This plant-based diet encourages you to eat more plants by keeping it green and helping the planet!

- Plant-based diets are scientifically proven to reverse chronic disease

- By skipping on eating one hamburger you can save 320 miles in carbon emmissions.

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Benefits of Diet Delivery

  • Time Saver

    Sick of getting home late from work and have no time to prepare a meal? Millions of individuals face this problem every day. With a home meal delivery, there is no need to worry about when dinner is ready. Simply take the food out of the refrigerator or freezer, cook in oven if necessary, and your done!

  • Healthy

    Diet meals delivered to your door are always made with the freshest ingredients. All companies do a good job of maintaining a balance of carbs, protein, and fat. In addition, they are delicious (if they were not, these companies would be out of business).

  • Weight Loss

    We all know we make too much and eat too much. These meals are all calorie controlled which helps you keep the daily recommended calories needed throughout the day. They are almost always lower in calories than “cuisines” you would make at home.

  • Convenient

    Most meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep on a schedule you choose. Upon arrival, simply place them in the refrigerator and wait until you’re ready to eat.

  • Variety

    Most Diet Delivery companies will offer selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some will even provide meals for dessert, how cool is that? If you're thinking that is bad for weight loss, well you're wrong! They will ensure that, not only will they taste great, but they will fit within the caloric intake you need for the day.

  • Cost

    Won’t these meals cost alot? I mean, they have to source the food, prepare the meals, and ship them out, isn’t that costly? No! These companies are experts in their field. They have done this so long, that they have become efficient in their processes while still ensuring an excellent product. In fact, most have in-house chefs that ensure that every meal is the best prepared meal in a gourmet fashion that you deserve.

Price Comparison Chart

(Table based on 7-day Women’s Plans)
Company Avg. Meal Cost/Day
$11.07 1,200 4-Week Plans Free All U.S. $125 if Before 2nd Shipment, $19.99 if after order processed Visit Website
$8.86 1,200 $19.95 Contiguous U.S. None Visit Website
$9.00 1,200 $19.95 All U.S. None, Unless After Weekly Deadline Visit Website
$11.67 1,200 Free Contiguous U.S. $125 if Before 2nd Shipment Visit Website
$9.97 1,200 $5, Free over $250 All U.S. & Territories None Visit Website
$17.66 1,200 Varies All U.S. None Visit Website
$9.00 Varies Free Contiguous U.S. None Visit Website
$11.95 Varies Free over $60 Unknown None if Before Cut-off date Visit Website
$9.99 500-700 Free Contiguous U.S. None if Before Order Processed Visit Website
$8.99 Varies $6.99 Contiguous U.S. None if 5 Days before Delivery Visit Website
$9.90 Varies Free Contiguous U.S. None if Before Processed Date Visit Website
$9.95 Varies $10, Free over $45 Contiguous U.S. None Visit Website

1. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem receives an overall rating of 5 stars by our staff. The Nutrisystem meal plan is well-known for helping millions of people acheive their weight loss goals. Their meals include entrees for breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes bars, shakes and boosters. The company offers these foods in a variety of programs which are tailored for men and women as well as a special program for Vegetarians and Diabetics.

2. South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is an easy-to-follow three-phase dietary plan that not only helps you lose weight quickly and safely, but helps you keep the weight off. It offers a variety of delicious and fully prepared meals that are delivered right to your door. Created by world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston, the original goal for the diet was help his patients battling heart disease; however, he found that the principles of the South Beach Diet allowed his patients to lose weight rapidly and easily. To date, this safe and effective method has helped more than 11 million people lose weight and live a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle.

3. Diet to Go

Diet-to-Go is known for providing healthy, gourmet meals that taste delicious, something that was confirmed when Epicurious rated Diet-to-Go No. 1 for taste in a blind taste test against competitors. In fact, Diet-to-Go has an entire team of chefs and nutritionists dedicated to making sure every meal is a rich culinary experience, something critical to ensuring dedication to a diet plan.

That’s why Diet-to-Go has no shortage of customers who have found success sticking with the plan, losing 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more in less than 6 months, just by eating Diet-to-Go meals.

Diet-to-Go meals include an assortment of healthy eating meals & tasty foods that are prepared fresh and never frozen. Sticking with a Diet-to-Go program will get results for people who want to shed pounds, and the high-quality food makes it easy to stick with it.

4. Medifast

Medifast is a weight loss service provider that has become a popular name in the field for quite some time. It has been around since 1980 as a company devoted to helping people lose weight through some simple dietary changes.

This is due to the variety of foods that Medifast has to offer. Medifast has many different options that are available through an extensive variety of plans. These meals are designed with the healthiest ingredients and nutrients.

5. BistroMD

BistroMD was formed as a means of helping people to lose weight in a positive manner. The company focuses on creative meals designed with the best weight management standards around.

The team at BistroMD offers more than a hundred different meals for its clients to enjoy. These include meals ranging from fine breakfasts to filling dinners. The group creates its meals with organic ingredients. The system can also work with many specific nutritional needs that people hold as programs for men and women alike are offered.

The foods are also inspired by many places from all around the world from local farmer’s markets to international dining spots. The main focus is to offer a distinct variety of foods to ensure these are fully prepared with care.

The foods are especially designed with a careful balance of nutrients. The foods focus mostly on protein with some carbohydrates and healthy fats included. The key is to ensure these foods can improve upon one’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels while reducing cravings for various foods. The balance of ingredients also ensures that the body’s blood sugar levels will be a little easier to balance and maintain.

6. Healthy Chef Creations

Healthy Chef Creations was founded in 2001 in Orlando Florida. Developed by renowned spa chef John Procacci, Healthy Chef Creations has been receiving rave reviews from both nutritionists and foodies for the quality and taste of their meals. The company is the only one we’ve found that offers personal customization, organic ingredients and nationwide delivery.

7. Freshly

Freshly is a weekly subscription service that helps you purchase quality meals that are always fresh and never frozen. They are one of the best prepared meal foods are fully cooked based on chef and nutritional standards. Simply heat up their meals and enjoy. The meals take about three minutes on average to prepare.

The key part of what Freshly offers is its great tasting foods that are easy prepare and consume. The foods available are of the best quality and are designed to give you something you are bound to enjoy.

8. Plated

Plated has been in operation since 2012 and focuses on creating natural and healthy recipes with only the finest ingredients available.

Plated concentrates more on helping people to prepare foods they are bound to love. The Plated website is extremely easy to navigate and provides the ability to order meals and deliver with simplicity.

9. Blue Apron

Freshly is a weekly subscription service that helps you purchase quality meals that are always fresh and never frozen. They are one of the best prepared meal foods are fully cooked based on chef and nutritional standards. Simply heat up their meals and enjoy. The meals take about three minutes on average to prepare.

The key part of what Freshly offers is its great tasting foods that are easy prepare and consume. The foods available are of the best quality and are designed to give you something you are bound to enjoy.

10. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers various traditional meals with fresh lean meats as well as some vegetarian options. You can also use a special family-oriented plan.

The extensive variety of foods offered by Hello Fresh has made it one of the most popular meal services around.

11. Veestro

Our Veestro review dicusses this popular diet that offers different meal plans based on individual needs. People can select from meal packs, programs devoted to weight loss and Veestro’s own juice cleanse program.

Veestro particularly focuses on its “Plantifesto” of using only the best ingredients while ensuring that everything offered is hand-picked.

Veestro also focuses on vegan recipes with the knowledge that such recipes are easier for people to enjoy and to ensure that they can stay healthy. The company’s site even has information on how individual vegan recipes can do more for keeping people healthy and for ensuring they can get the best dietary routines possible.

12. Home Chef

Home Chef focuses on offering quality meals and ingredients that are fully prepared and ready to cook.

Their meal delivery service offers lunches and dinners and a few breakfast items are available as well. Our review details how you can order various meals and ingredients that fit in perfectly with your dietary needs. The instructions offered are also very detailed ensuring it is easier for you to receive meals prepared the way you want.

The meal kits all come with recyclable packaging materials, thus keeping any waste produced by a shipment from being too a minimum. You can also choose from various meals throughout the year. They offers a rotating menu that includes many meals you are bound to enjoy trying out.

13. Factor 75

Factor 75 is a health-conscious meal service which focuses on a few particular eating styles- Paleo, Keto, low carb, and gluten-free. The company is aptly named for their belief that diet is 75% of the “factors” which control health. That said, healthy is baked into every part of the service.

Factor 75 differentiates itself in the sense of offering what they consider ONLY healthy meals options. All of their meals are guaranteed to be grass fed, pasture raised, gluten free, non GMO, hormone free, and generally free of any preservatives. In other words, real food with minimal processing. Additionally, meals are delivered fresh (unfrozen), although you can freeze them if needed to store them for longer periods of time.

Diet Food Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

All reviews have been written by Heather Paige. She has a BS in Nutrition Science focusing on Food Science and Community Nutrition.

She has two kids, is an outdoor enthusiast and an athlete competing in many running and cycling events.

For more information on Heather, please visit About Us

What is the best meal delivery for weight loss?

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. South Beach Diet
  3. Diet to Go
  4. Medifast
  5. Bistro MD
  6. Healthy Chef Creations.

What is the cheapest diet delivery?

  1. Diet to Go
  2. Bistro MD
  3. Hello Fresh
  4. Freshly
  5. Veestro

Can you lose weight with meal delivery?

Meal delivery offers you convenience so that you do not have to cook. Losing weight on these plans is of course up to you and your lifestyle. With a proper balance of diet and exercise, these services are a great way to lose weight.

What are the healthiest meal delivery services?

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. Healthy Chef Creations
  3. Diet to Go
  4. Factor 75
  5. South Beach Diet
  6. Medifast

What are the most effective meal delivery services?

The most effective program will be the one that you are most comfortable with. This includes taste, proper nutrient portions, cost, and your willingness to continue with it.

What is the best diet delivery program?

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. South Beach Diet
  3. Diet to Go
  4. Medifast
  5. Bistro MD
  6. Healthy Chef Creations.