Hello Fresh – An Independent Meal Kit Review

How Hello Fresh Works

The website works by giving you a simple layout for ordering foods:

  • Choose a particular plan that fits your desires.- You can order a program that entails servings for two or four people with two to four recipes sent to you every week.
  • Select an appropriate series of dishes from fifteen weekly recipes.- There are new recipes every week with all of them determined by chefs who are experts with handling quality meals for all your desires.
  • Determine the time when you will get your meals delivered to your home.- You can use your account on the site to determine when you will get your meals sent out to your home.
  • Ingredients for your meals as well as their recipe cards will be delivered to your home.- All items are delivered through a secure container.
  • Cook and prepare the meals accordingly with the items that are delivered.- Sometimes extra things might be required, but you will always get information on what you should add through the recipe card. You can also get a full preview of what you might need by clicking on each recipe online when looking to see what you can add to your plan.
  • You can choose to skip a week if desired or cancel your subscription at any time with no obligations involved.

Hello Fresh Coupons

The simple design of Hello Fresh ensures you will have an easy time with getting your foods prepared. Take a look at what this offers and you will see just how effective and useful it can be.

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What Makes Hello Fresh Unique

Hello Fresh is unique as it offers great ingredients that are always fresh. The company works with many prominent food suppliers that focus on organic and sustainable farming and ranching processes. This also includes an emphasis on organic foods with no additives or other artificial items added to anything being offered.

The packaging used for delivering foods out is also fully secured. Each recipe that you get for different meals will be secured in a fully separate container within your shipment. This keeps everything for each food you want to enjoy from mixing with other recipes. You will have a very easy time with getting everything measured well when you work with Hello Fresh.

The packaging boxes are made with recycled cardboard fibers that are easy to recycle on your own. Insulating layers are also used to keep your foods protected and chilled so you can get them when they are cold and then secure them in your freezer after you get them.

Gel packs are also included to keep your foods cold. You can drain the gel materials from inside while recycling the plastic pack materials, thus reducing the overall amount of waste that might be produced in the process.

But what might be more important is that Hello Fresh focuses more on offering many foods for the entire family to try out. While many recipe and ingredient delivery services focus on single servings of foods, Hello Fresh concentrates on offering meals with two or more servings. This is ideal for people who wish to enjoy great meals with others in the family.

Hello Fresh Meals and Recipes

The meals that Hello Fresh offers are varied and are switched out regularly to give you different options for enjoying a good meal. You can choose from one of three different menus:


  • Classic Menu
    The classic menu features various traditional meals that are easy to prepare in your home. Enjoy maple-glazed pork chops, chicken cheddar fajitas or mozzarella burgers with caramelized onions.
  • Veggie Menu
    The veggie menu includes many great vegetable meals that you will want to try out. These include the meatless Bolognese with tagliatelle pasta and stuffed mushrooms with tomato quinoa.
  • Family Menu
    The family menu features simple and easy to prepare meals that are ideal for the entire family to enjoy. These are recipes that work for four people on average. The meals here include some fun options like chicken thigh tacos and hoisin-glazed meatballs with jasmine rice.

The Hello Fresh website offers a full recipe archive that shows you all of the foods that have been offered by the service in the past. Although they will provide you with different ideas for making foods on your own, those foods might not always be offered as one of the options you can get for your menu desires.

One great part of all these recipes is that they are well representative of many types of cuisine. You can enjoy American, Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisine in many forms when you contact Hello Fresh to see what is available.

Many of these foods are also egg-free and nut-free. You can find which foods are safe for those with certain allergies when you look through the different foods available.

Also, you have the option to get many meals prepared weeks in advance. The site always lets you know about the different types of meals available in the future so you can get a good meal ready for any purpose.

The meals take varying amounts of time to prepare as well. Some meals can be made ready in about 20 minutes, but others take 50 minutes to get ready.

Recipe Cards

The recipe cards offered by Hello Fresh always give you full information on what you can expect to get out of your meals. You will find details in each recipe card about how to get something prepared, the nutritional information of each recipe and pictures showing all the instructions. The layout of each recipe card is very simple and easy to review.

You can always get a preview of what is on a recipe card before you choose to add something to your plan. Just click on the specific meal you want to find information on. You will use this to see what is available and how well it can fit in with your particular desires.

Hello Fresh Costs

The pricing will vary based on what you order, but in most cases you should get your foods for about $9.99 per serving. You will have to list how many people will be enjoying your meals and how many recipes you will get each week. You must also specify if you will be in the Veggie, Classic or Family Plan.

You would have to consider the number of people who will enjoy your Hello Fresh meals and the number of meals per week when seeing what the total value of your order would be. The Classic Plan with two people and three meals per week would cost around $60, for instance.

Free shipping is available for all orders $40 or greater. Shipping costs $7.99 for anything that is under that total.

Hello Fresh does offer some promo codes at various times throughout the year. These promo codes include special deals where people can get discounts on their orders, but these are typically available for first-time customers only.

Special Email Offer

A popular email offer is available through Hello Fresh. You can send your email out to Hello Fresh to get a special deal of $15 off of your first order. The email club will provide you with regular details on new foods and recipes available. This lets you know what is available and what you can benefit from the most when getting a great order ready for your use.

Don’t Forget Wine

You should check out how well the wines available through Hello Fresh. You can get red or white wines that pair well with different meals available through Hello Fresh. The wines are organized based on what the group feels will fit in well with the recipes being offered during a period of time. It costs $89 per month to get six red or white bottles or a mix every month. Shipping is included in this offer.

The recipe previews available through the Hello Fresh website will let you know what wines pair well with certain meals. This includes a look at the tones that a wine comes with and how it adds to the flavors of a meal you might already be having.

Where Hello Fresh Delivers

Hello Fresh delivers its products out to places all around the lower 48 states. Check with the Hello Fresh site to see if they can deliver to your home. The odds are they will be able to do this if you have a regular address.

A popular part of the delivery process is that it can work at any time you ask for it to be handled at. You can ask Hello Fresh to get your foods sent out to you on a specific day of the week. This makes it so you can get your foods out to your door on a date when you will have an easier time with collecting what you want without having your shipment stay outdoors for far too long.

Also, the wine service might not work in all places. You would have to check with Hello Fresh to see if they can legally deliver wines to your property based on where you live.

Don’t Forget Kitchenware

The kitchenware offered by Hello Fresh will help you with getting the most out of your recipes. You can use the kitchenware section of the site to find food preparation and chopping items for sale. These include pans, measuring glasses, spice sets and much more. You can even get individual knives for all your cutting needs through Hello Fresh.

Each recipe card will tell you what materials you need to use to get something prepared. All of the items that are listed on these cards can be found through the Hello Fresh site. You can always use your own utensils if you have them, but Hello Fresh at least provides them to you for sale through their site if you do not actually have them.

Is This Meal Program For You?

You will enjoy Hello Fresh if you are interested in getting quality meals that fit in perfectly with your life. Take a look at what is available through Hello Fresh and you will see that there are many good foods that you are bound to love.

This is especially ideal if you want to enjoy eating more quality foods with others. Hello Fresh focuses on offering foods with enough servings for two or an entire family because the company believes that great food should be enjoyed in good company. It is with this that the company’s offerings fit in perfectly with what you might desire when looking for things that the entire household will enjoy.