Nutrisystem Success Story of a Thyroid Sufferer

In May, 2013 Nutrisystem announced the really touching and inspiring weight loss journey of Jeni Miller of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA. She is a forty six year old woman who managed to lose a whole lot of 90 pounds off her body despite suffering from a lot of health issues.

Jeni Miller used to be a woman blessed with nice physique and athletic body during her growing up years and in her 20s and 30s. But then, the unexpected happened one day. She was checked positive for thyroid by her doctor. With this began the biggest emotional and physical trauma of her life…her uncontrolled weight gain which made her really obese.

And to top this heck was her fertility issues she had been suffering from. This made her lose all her self confidence and this chirpy, vibrant woman became a frustrated social recluse. Her mental state was so depressed that she came to her dead saturation point in her life. The thyroid patients do find it impossible to lose weight with their hyperthyroidism unleashing havoc on their hormonal balance. So, she decided that either she could live her rest of the life with these devastations or she must change her life for better. She brought up the guts to initiate a change.

She started out on Nutrisystem’s plan meant for women, took the guidance of Nutrisystem experts to plan out her meals and then her weight loss journey started. She ordered her 28 day meal plans each month, opened the box and simply ate it. She also started doing workouts daily without a skip and her strict disciplined and healthy lifestyles paid her off in gold. She lost a whole lot of 90 pounds of unwanted fat from her body!

With Nutrisystem’s simple weight loss plan, Jeni Miller got her life back. Her confidence returned, she liked dressing up again and felt so much energized from within. She grew up intellectually too. She said that she had never thought that weight loss could ever be that simple. Nutrisystem made it seem like a cake-walk.

Now Jeni Miller lives a normal life and is very thankful that she stumbled upon Nutrisystem which offered so many meal choices over 150 perfectly packaged, properly portioned delicious dishes that made her stick to her Weight loss plan and helped her with her cravings. The perfectly balanced low sodium, high fiber, structured meals from Nutrisystem worked for her. Jeni Miller got her `Now I Can’ moment with Nutrisystem’s expertise.

Nutrisystem came out with this heart touching story so that you could also come out of that phase of depression and self inspire yourself to start the weight loss program under the able guidance of Nutrisystem’s experts and think of transforming your lives like Jeni Miller. If even after being so obese and suffering from thyroid, she could lose off that much weight, then why can’t you? So start out on the path of self reinvention! Dream of getting your `Now I Can’ moment too. The sooner it happens, the better it will be for you.