Diet to Go Review: Best Home Delivery Program 2020

Quick Background

Diet-to-Go was founded in 1991 in the Washington, D.C. area with the goal of providing customers with healthy meal delivery that is convenient and took the thinking out of losing weight. To this day, its staff is devoted to providing busy, on-the-go people with meals that not only help them lose weight, but taste good too, so that reaching weight loss goals is a cinch.

From day one, meals were prepared with fresh ingredients, sourced locally, never frozen and with unique flavors that keep boredom at bay. The company has an entire team of nutritionists, health coaches and chefs dedicated to making sure the portion-controlled meals taste delicious and that each customer gets a customized plan that will help them reach their individual goals.

  • How to Order

    Our review found that their website makes ordering meals simple. Customers can enter their information and goals in the “Free Diet Analysis” to determine what plan works best for them — the 1,600-calorie plan, the 1,200-calorie plan or the low-carb plans. They can then select one of three menus:

    1. The Balance Menu is calorie- and portion-controlled and offers heart-healthy foods that are carefully measured to ensure the proper amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium. Customers can order vegetarian and no-seafood options as well. Meal plans include chicken, turkey, tuna, meatballs and ravioli, plus whole grain pasta dishes.
    2. The Balance Diabetes Menu is specifically designed for people with pre- and Type 2 diabetes. It follows the American Diabetes Association’s nutritional guidelines, including controlling for the proper level of carbohydrates and fat. People can eat the meals to prevent diabetes and/or to manage their diabetes and its symptoms, including blood sugar levels. Meal planss include waffles, burritos, tuna melt-overs, salmon lasagna and more.
    3. The Carb30 Menu follows an Atkins-style low-carb diet plan, complete with meats, cheeses, eggs and other healthy fats. Meal plans are limited to an average of 30 net grams of carbs per day. Adding fruits, breads and other sugars is not recommended, which typically isn’t an issue given that the meals are packed with variety, such as frittata, steak, pork loin and meatballs.
    4. The Vegetarian Menu is heart-healthy and controlled for calories, carbs, sodium, fat and cholesterol. Protein sources include dairy, eggs, beans and soy. Meals include quesadillas, muffin, veggie burgers, quinoa salad, chili, shepherds pie and ravioli.
  • How do the Meals Taste?

    In addition to the variety, the meals taste great, too. Epicurious ranked them No. 1 for taste, beating out Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser and other similar diet meal programs.

    Menus come on a five-week rotation to ensure variety. Customers can also customize menus based on their individual preferences on an easy-to-use online portal – myDiettogo.

    They offers many convenient ways for customers to get their meals. They can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. The company also partners with fitness clubs in many major metros — including Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New Jersey, San Francisco and L.A. — where people can pick them up fresh twice a week. Also, they recently launched fresh, same-day delivery.

    Because their meals are controlled for portions and calories, both men and women can lose weight, typically 2 to 3 pounds per week, without exercise, just by sticking with the plan.

What Foods Are Available on their Programs?

Their in-house team of chefs and nutritionists prepare meals with the utmost care. Ingredients include fresh, lean meats, organic vegetables and whole grains, all sourced locally whenever possible.

The USDA monitors all foods prepared and adhere strictly to nutritional guidelines set by top health organizations, such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and others.

Meals will arrive in separate packaging. Similarly, side items are also typically packaged separately. Portions in each meal are carefully measured, which also helps teach people about the proper amount of food they should be eating at each meal.

Their most popular meal plan is its Balance menu. The menu includes two calorie plans:

Balance 1,200-Calorie Plan: This plan typically works best for women who want to lose weight quickly and naturally.
Balance 1,600-Calorie Plan: This plan typically works best for men, or for athletes or people who are extremely active.

The free diet analysis helps customers choose which calorie plan is right for them.

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Will There Be Results?

Yes. Studies show that customers can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. The average customer loses 10 pounds in the first 30 days on the program. Besides providing healthy, convenient pre-portioned meals,  on-staff health coaches work closely with customers to create a personalized weight loss plan. The company even shares real customer success stories to showcase just how easy the plan is.

How Much Does it Cost?

Diet to Go one of the most affordable home food delivery service provider and it offers the best price per meal.  Therefore, this is another reason that its diet plans have a mass appeal and a wider customer base. The three types of menus offer a wide variety of meals to choose from. For each menu, there are separate scrumptious items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This diet meal delivery service can be apt for your weight loss and dieting routine because it provides calorie restricted meals. Frozen food technology is used which preserves nutrition in food. There are two different types of diet plans for men and women to suit their weight loss plans. This delivery service has been ranked at the top for its food quality and taste.

Costs Per Month Comparison

Plan Costs Include the 15% off Promotion

5 Day Plan* $143.59 $143.59 $163.99 $143.59
5 Day Plan $/Day* $9.57 $9.57 $10.93 $9.57
7 Day Plan* $179.99 $179.99 $204.59 $179.99
7 Day Plan $/Day* $8.57 $8.57 $9.74 $8.57

* Costs assume 3 meals/day option is chosen
**Balance Plan offers a Men’s and Women’s Option

They do a great job at making healthy, convenient eating affordable. The Balance plan offers a 1,200 calorie plan for women and 1,600 calorie plan for men. Most meals on the 5-Day 1,200-calorie plan cost around $9.50/meal, which is cheap compared to the average cost most people spend eating out. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average individual spends $15 when ordering takeout for dinner.

For the full, seven-day, three-meals-per-day plan, the cost would be $179.99 per week plus shipping. For the five-day meal plan, the cost is $143.59 per week.

Balance plan meals on the Men’s 1,600-calorie plan cost around $9.50 – $10.00 per meal.

The full, seven-day, three-meals-per-day plan cost is $198.99 per week, plus shipping. The five-day plan is just $151.99 per week.

The Carb30 and Vegetarian plans cost about the same.

  • How Their Delivery Works

    Meals are cooked fresh and shipped out twice weekly. Meal delivery will arrive at customers’ doorsteps in a large cooler, packed with dry ice to ensure freshness. They deliver anywhere in the continental U.S.

  • Offers Fresh Local Pickup

    They offer fresh pickup in the Washington D.C. metro area (including Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland), Baltimore area, New Jersey, San Francisco Bay area (including East Bay) and the greater Los Angeles area. Fresh local pickup providers include Gold’s Gym, Walgreens, Every Body Fitness, and many, many more.

  • How Does it Taste?

    The short answer? Delicious. Epicurious, Very Well, Next Advisor, CalorieLab and countless bloggers can’t be wrong. As a redult, they all had similar things to say: the food is packed with flavor, there’s plenty of variety and they taste delicious. Plus, meals can be heated in a microwave or oven with little to no effort, making them a great option for busy, on-the-go people.

  • Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) on Diet to Go

What is the best meal delivery diet?

Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Programs 1. Nutrisystem, 2. South Beach Diet, 3. Diet-to-Go, 4. Medifast, 5. Bistro MD, 6. Healthy Chef Creations.

What is the cheapest diet food delivery?

Cheapest Meal Delivery Services 1. Diet-to-Go, 2. Bistro MD 3. Hello Fresh, 4. Freshly 5. Veestro 6. Home Chef.

What’s a good diet plan?

Nutrisystem avoids foods that have high glycemic index ratings. Nutrisystem’s foods are based heavily on appropriate portion sizes with an emphasis on controlled carbohydrates

Is Diet-to-Go healthy?

Yes. Diet to Go meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and never frozen. Their team of chefs unsure each meal is well balanced in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Does Diet-to-Go have coupons?

Yes. Thier current offer will get you 20% off.


In conclusion, from its website, to customer service, to social media channels, they do a great job of making ordering and meal delivery quick and simple. The quality of the meals, and the fact that menus can be customized, means it’s easy to stick with the program and for customers to eat healthy and meet their weight loss goals.