Diet Food Delivery Services for 2015

Read about the Best Healthy Diet Delivery Services for 2015 and the Emergence of Diet Meal Delivery
At one time, the kitchen used to be a place of daily usage at home, but now it is seldom used for cooking in most of the homes because of the hectic work schedules of most people. People now seem to struggle to find time for dinner at home as he or she has spent so many hours toiling in the office during the day. Fast food joints, canned packaged foods and restaurants have increasingly become an option by some people who rely on these foods for their daily meal requirements. However these foods are usually extremely unhealthy due to the presence of saturated fat, excess oil, excess salt and loads of preservatives. These food items don’t provide any nutrition to the people and they are nothing but a source of bad carbohydrates and cholesterol for people. That is why obesity and health issues are on a rise. Hence the emergence of Diet Delivery Services as alternative for such foods has increased. (Read remaining article below)

Best Diet Meal Delivery Services in 2015

Diet to Go Review

diettogoDiet to Go is a diet delivery service which is most widely used in the US. The meals delivered by Diet to Go have a proven weight loss efficacy and the people who consume these meals lose much weight without doing any additional effort like exercise etc. Diet to Go offers vegetarian meals, traditional meals and low carbohydrate meals. All the meals are prepared by extremely talented chefs in home like kitchen environment. The meals offered by Diet to Go have undergone medical scrutiny and various famous doctors have approved the Diet to Go meals. Its meals which are prepared with special food engineering and are capable of inducing a weight loss of more than 20 lbs. very quickly. It also offers a special food collection system where the consumers can have food that’s never been frozen.

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Diet to Go Meal Plan Costs

Get 37% or $50 Off $134 or any 7 Day Meal Plan

$50 Off gets you 37% off $134 or any 7 Day Meal Plan of the Diet To Go Weight Loss Program. Expires: Ongoing

Get 37% or $50 Off $134 or any 7 Day Meal Plan

$50 Off gets you 37% off $134 or any 7 Day Meal Plan of the Diet To Go Weight Loss Program. Expires: Ongoing

Get $39 off Any Meal Plan

Get $39 off Any Meal Plan of the Diet To Go Weight Loss Program. Expires: Ongoing

Get $39 off Any Meal Plan

Get $39 off Any Meal Plan of the Diet To Go Weight Loss Program. Expires: Ongoing

(Note:Coupon Codes are automatically entered when choosing your plan!)
Low-Fat Traditional Menu – Based on 1,200 Calorie Day
5-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $124.99 per week/$8.33 per meal
Enter Here for a $39 off Coupon and price is only $85.99
7-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $157.99 per week/$7.52 per meal
Enter Here for a $50 off Coupon and price is only $107.99—

Vegetarian Menu – Based on 1,200 Calorie Day
5-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $124.99 per week/$8.33 per meal
—Enter Here for a $39 off Coupon and price is only $85.99
7-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $157.99 per week/$7.52 per meal
Enter Here for a $50 off Coupon and price is only $107.99—

Low-Carb Menu – Based on 1,200 Calorie Day
5-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $146.59 per week/$9.77 per meal
Enter Here for a $39 off Coupon and price is only $107.59
7-Day Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – $179.99 per week/$8.57 per meal
Enter Here for a $50 off Coupon and price is only $109.79—

Diet to Go is the most affordable home food delivery service provider and it offers the best price per meal. This is another reason that its diet plans have a mass appeal and a wider customer base. The three types of menus offer a wide variety of meals to choose from. For each menu, there are separate scrumptious items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This diet meal delivery service can be apt for your weight loss and dieting routine because it provides calorie restricted meals. Frozen food technology is used by the Diet to Go which preserves nutrition in food. There are two different types of diet plans for men and women to suit their weight loss plans. This delivery service has been ranked at the top for its food quality and taste

Bistro MD Review

bistro md reviewThere is another popular health food delivery service know as BistroMD which offers meal delivery service for either seven or five days in a week. You can also further customize the delivery. BistroMD also provides separate programs for men and women but it provides a single menu to choose from which restricts your choice. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are separate and the food is delicious.


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BistroMD Program Costs

Men’s 7 Day – $159.95
Men’s 5 Day – $129.95

Women’s 7 Day – $159.95
Women’s 5 Day – $129.95

BistroMD is more costly than Diet to Go but that could due to the fact that it outsources the production of its food and doesn’t have an `in-house’ kitchen. You can choose your meal plan from a range of 200 different recipes. The consumers experience weight loss after consuming the food delivered by Bistro MD because it is nutritionally balanced in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio. People with special dietary requirements will experience difficulty in choosing meals with this plan.

eDiets Review

ediets2eDiets offers diet plans for diabetic people, overweight people and vegetarians. This is another diet plan that is meant for keeping the heart in perfect health. This diet plan is also more costly than Diet to Go. Another drawback of eDiets is that it also outsources its food and there is no in house elaborate meal preparation. eDiets delivers frozen food which you need to microwave like the Bistro MD but you don’t have the choice of eating non frozen food. It has recently come up with a Mediterranean meal plan too.

Medifast Review

Medifast_Small3There are many different types of Medifast weight loss plans for people to take a look at when it comes to losing weight the right way. There are a number of weight loss solutions that people can utilize today in order to stay healthy. These include an extensive variety of fine solutions devoted to helping people learn how to work with the right foods.

5 and 1 Diet Program

The 5 and 1 plan works in that a person will use Medifast food products for breakfast, a mid-morning meal, lunch, a mid-afternoon meal and an even meal. A dinner can be chosen based on lean meat products and green vegetables. This is a plan that is designed to allow the user to have a little more help from Medifast to make the weight loss process as easy to handle as it can be.

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Freshology Review

Interested in Gourmet Style food that can be delivered straight to your door? If so, the Freshology Healthy Diet Meal Delivery program may be the right fit for you. What separated this company from the others is their meals are prepared by award winning chefs. You will be ensured the best and most tasting ingredients in each meal you consume. In addition, their ingredients are fresh and come directly from local farms. Check out Freshology as they have many plans to fit various types of lifestyles and dietary requirements. Below we list their featured programs:

  • Freshology Gold – Gourmet Customized Meal Program
  • The Edge – Accelerated Weight Loss
  • Fresh Mommy – Post Natal Nutrition
  • Gluten-Free – Glutten Free Lifestyle Program

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Diet Food Delivery Price Comparison Chart

Note: Diet to Go is the least expensive option of these major Diet Services at just $142.99/week. This amounts to around $20/day.
Some people argue that at least on the weekends you can prepare your own fresh meals at home. But would you really want to spend your holidays on cooking rather than enjoying your vacation? That’s when these services step in to relieve people from the stress of cooking and meal planning. These healthy food delivery services are the perfect replacement for all the unhealthy fast food that you’ve been consuming due to lack of time or cooking skills. Diet food delivery companies are doing an excellent job by helping millions of households in arranging healthy food for their families. These are companies which provide healthy ready to consume meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to the customers and regularly the food is delivered at your door step. The diet food’s delivery is done either at the customer’s home or at the office address as requested by the customer.

>>> Healthy Meal Delivery Services are Extremely Convenient

Diet food delivery has slowly caught up really well with people because it is the perfect combination of comfort and heath. The meals delivered contain perfectly balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and fat. The good health food delivery services provide daily meals which are low in salt and contain fixed amount of calories in every meal. This saves you from the effort of counting the calories in every meal. Great services cater for the requirements of various people according to their health conditions and diet sensibilities. Healthy food delivery services provide specially prepared meals for vegetarians, non vegetarians, traditional food lovers, low carbohydrate requirements, high protein requirements, diabetic people and gluten sensitive people etc.

>>> Healthy Food Delivery Services for Special Health Requirements

There are a few people who require special health care and attention like pregnant women, aged people, people who have undergone some surgery, very small children and nursing mothers. No matter how hard their families try, they are never able to pay proper attention to their special dietary requirements because of the efforts and time that goes into it. But what if you could get fresh meals which taste exactly like home cooked food? These meal services not only cater to healthy people, but they also provide their meal services for these types of people who need special kinds of nutritious food. The best part is that this diet food that is delivered by these companies does not contain unhealthy preservatives. Even if they do contain preservatives, then it is in such low quantities that it doesn’t cause harm to the body.

Fresh and Pure Diet Foods
Now you may wonder how these meals are kept fresh despite the fact that these food items lack preservatives. Those services, which don’t use preservatives, actually utilize the technology of freezing the food items. Doctors and nutritionists always recommend frozen food over food containing preservatives. When the food is completely frozen, then any form of bacterial, fungal or viral growth is completely inhibited in the food item and it retains its nutritional value till the time it is consumed. So, you can be sure that the vitamins and minerals in your diet food are intact when they are delivered to your home. All you have to do is to microwave the meal directly as it is already packed in microwavable containers. Imagine how much time you save daily which you had to spend earlier doing the dishes and cleaning up your kitchen.

>>> Taste is not Compromised with Diet Food Delivery

Many people have the misconception that diet food is always boring and you have to compromise on your taste to benefit from it. But this is not the case. The meal companies make special efforts in preparing meals that are extremely delicious. All the meals provided to you have excellent flavors as they are prepared in modern well equipped “company kitchens” by talented chefs. Every dish from various cuisines provided by the diet meal delivery services has authentic taste of its cuisine. You can even have healthy versions of your favorite burgers and noodles. Therefore, if you and your family order meals from health food delivery services, then you would never feel like eating outside. It will not only save your expenses but it will also be good for your health too.

Ample Meal Choices in Your Diet
If you think that you won’t be able to eat from a choice of 30-40 meals for your whole life then you’re mistaken. These healthy food delivery services have wide range of food items and the meal choices for customers are numerous. They have hundreds of various dishes that you can choose from so that you don’t ever get bored with the variety. Seasonal additions are done in the meal menu of many of these services. The quantity of the food per meal depends upon the calorie plan that you have chosen. Special meal plans are usually available for men and women as they require different portion sizes.

>>> Diet Delivery Fits Your Budget

The cost for the diet meal delivery is also extremely affordable and it can easily be accommodated in the food budget of various households. Have you ever imagined how much money you actually spend on a meal that you prepare at home? You have to spend money on buying ingredients from supermarket, paying the gas bills, paying for water and electricity spent in cooking, etc. Therefore when you compare home delivered meals with home cooked meals, you’ll realize that the diets delivered to your door don’t charge anything extra for their super convenient services. In fact, many times you would find that you’re saving money from your monthly food budget when you use diet food delivery services and that too without compromising on the quality of food.

How the Diet Food is so Healthy
The diet food is extremely healthy and stringent hygiene measures are taken in the preparation of meals. The diet meals are prepared using healthy cooking methods like baking, stir frying, roasting, grilling and steaming, etc. to name a few. Low fat cooking oil, lean meats, and green vegetables are integral parts of the diet meals. This is the reason that people who consume diet food are able to lose weight without any extra physical activity. The portion controlled sizes, the inclusion of sufficient fruits and vegetables, the usage of good carbohydrates, the less salt used and the minimal sugar content of these diet meals help the consumers to reduce their weight. People who are already in their ideal weight range are also able to maintain their weight better if they make diet foods a part of their life.

Weight Loss Becomes Easy with Diet Food Delivery

Overweight people spend so much money on various weight loss services which are extremely costly. You have to do calorie counting for each of your meal on your own then. Typical weight loss services consume so much of your time and efforts. Meal planning becomes so difficult when you’re trying to lose weight. It becomes next to impossible to prepare a meal for your office lunch daily in the morning. But all these problems are eliminated when you use healthy food delivery services. No matter what kind of diet you’re following, healthy meal delivery is available for almost all kind of popular diets recommended by doctors. These meals so nutritionally balanced that they can be consumed by children too. The daily nutritional requirements are completely fulfilled by the consumption of these diet foods. You can lose even up to 50 lbs with these home delivered meals.

Our Conclusion
These meal delivery services have become an essential requirement of modern times because they help the people in keeping track of their diet. The calorie specific diet plans help you in losing weight quickly without staying hungry. You can easily lose weight despite being a workaholic by utilizing these healthy food delivery services if you choose the right service.