Overweight Teenagers Benefit From Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem launched a solicitous program for teenagers in 2012 known as `Nutrisystem For Teens (NS4T) which consolidated the Nutrisystem’s vision to make the world a healthy place to live in by people from all walks of society getting encouraged to keep themselves and their families fit including children in whom proper eating habits had to be instilled as early as possible as they represent the future of a country.

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The Nutrisystem for Teens is a tailor- made program framed with children of 14-17 years in mind. This program offers a well balanced diet for teenagers with 1400 calories for girls and 1700 daily calorific intake for boys is there. The meals prepared for this plan comply with the daily recommended dietary allowance meant for the growing children. All the meals contain balanced nutrients and proper carbohydrates, proteins and fat ratio meant to trigger weight loss in children.

The need for a customized weight loss program was felt by the Nutrisystem because the obesity among teens has been steeply rising, thanks to all the high sodium containing packaged junk food included in their daily meals and snacks. Working parents are unable to keep a track of their children’s meals as they have no time to prepare healthy meals for them. The Nutrisystem for Teens solves this problem of parents by offering a weight loss plan suited for their fast changing bodies.

This structured packaged meal plan consists of portion controlled meals which are low in sodium and glycemic index (GI) and involves the use of additional grocery items including fruits and vegetables. Also it is advisable to incorporate skimmed dairy products and daily portions of healthy low fat proteins like lean beefs and veils.

Nutrisystem gives out clear guidelines to decide what body type of children should be considered over weight so that anorexic teens or dieting fanatic girls don’t misuse the program. It clearly states only those teenagers need the Nutrisystem for Teens weight loss plan who are in the 85-100 percentile of Body Mass Index (BMI). This BMI calculation would assist the parents to sketch out a plan for their child’s dietary needs. This is the reason that Nutrisystem guidelines make it mandatory that the parents’ involvement is a must and they must approve the children’s weight loss.

Nutrisystem encourages that the eating habits of children should be altered at a young age if found inappropriate to prevent them from falling prey to diseases like Type- One diabetes or heart stroke risks. These diseases which were earlier associated with adult people is alarmingly seen commonly in teenage children too. Physical activity is also promoted by Nutrisystem for teenagers to keep them active while on the weight loss plan though it’s not a compulsory criterion to ensure their weight loss.

To assist the parents to become able to properly guide their children throughout this weight loss program, Nutrisystem also provides elaborate reference manuals to the parents. Not only this, special counselors are also provided to the children to help them deal with the weight loss journey emotionally.

But one point which should always be remembered is-
If you want your child to become fit, then you better gear yourself up for weight loss simultaneously’ because children learn from parents.