Senior Citizens Lose Weight with Nutrisystem Silver

Nutrisystem has come up with a specially designed weight loss module for people who are over sixty years of age. Nutrisystem understands that when the body begins to age, its requirements changes. When dealing with weight issues of senior citizens you need to be extra cautious with the plan as they already may be suffering from many heart ailments and are prone to the risk of heart diseases. That’s why Nutrisystem launched ‘Nutrisystem Silver‘. Please Note: Nutrisystem Silver is now “Nutrisystem Core”.

Nutrisystem Silver

This program by Nutrisystem is currently available for US and Canadian nationals only. Nutrisystem is specially designed to meet the dietary requirements of senior citizens and ensuring a perfectly proportioned meal for them. Nutrisystem Silver has varied options included in its special food menu which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and in between snacking options.

Nutrisystem's weight loss plan ensures special attention to the meals included in it so that they are protein rich as with ageing the cellular and muscle damage occurs to a greater extent and body need a lot of protein to cope up with that. Lower amounts of sodium are included in the food preparation for senior citizens as it helps regulate their blood pressure. Reduced cholesterol and high fiber content is ensured in the food and inclusion of Omega 3 fatty acids is a newer feature. In addition, gluten-free diets among older adults are becoming more popular and this is another great feature of Nutrisystem Silver.

Lasagna, Mac and Cheese, Fruits, Pizzas , perfectly dressed Salads, Chocolates, Cereals etc, are a few popular dishes from the wide range of menu offerings in the Nutrisystem Silver range. The use of artificial sweeteners is limited too. You are free to choose from the favorites pack or self pick the entire 28 day menu too with the food delivered absolutely free at your home. The food aims at providing 1,250 calories on an average basis which helps to instigate the weight loss procedure in the body without any physical exercise. You could supplement your Nutri-meals with fresh grocery items like fruits and vegetables recommended in the Nutrisystem’s journals and fat free dairy products too for best nutrition.

Nutrisystem Silver Deals:

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Nutrisystem Silver comes in three different options:

Nutrisystem Silver Basic – This is the cheapest option in the lot costing just a $8 for one day meals. It includes discounts if ordered through auto delivery process. Healthy supplements are also provided along with the meals to keep the heart healthy.

Nutrisystem Silver Core – This is the most popular among users due to a few extra features available than the Nutrisystem Silver Basic like priority processing of your orders will be done. You would get free sessions from the counselors over phone and menu customization feature is also available. All this comes at an economical and affordable cost of $10 per day.

Nutrisystem Silver Uniquely Yours – This includes all the features available in the other two variants but have many remarkable features like a whole new range of frozen food delicacies is available to you which you can even fully customize and hand pick your choices from. This plan costs $12 a day but the frozen food menu is just worth a few extra bucks if it would suit your pocket.

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Heather Paige